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Privacy Policy

As per Section 114(1) of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 ( “POPI Act” ), all forms of processing of personal information, must within a year after the commencement of the section on 1 June 2020, comply with the Act. Thus all entities must comply with the Act as from 1 July 2021.

For purpose of TMK Attorneys Inc, privacy notice is to inform you about our use of the data and personal information we collect from you when you submit your data when making enquiries to TMK Attorneys Inc.

As TMK Attorneys Inc and as an operator of your information we are complying with the provisions of the POPI Act and informing you about what we use your data for, what your rights to the data you give us are and to tell you about who we are.

TMK Attorneys Inc collects the following data from our clients, suppliers, applicants the following:

  • Email addresses
  • Names of contact persons
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Information required for accounting and invoicing purposes
  • Country of operation
  • Name of organisation or person from whom data is being collected
  • Physical addresses for delivery purposes.


By accessing the TMK Attorneys Inc website, you give TMK Attorneys Inc consent to process the personal information stored in our cookies and history of all who have had viewed the portal. These documents set out why TMK Attorneys Inc needs your personal information. Be informed that we will not further process the personal information stored automatically.

The data collected is used to for communication with clients, suppliers, applicants dealing with enquiries from all our relevant departments and to advise clients about their enquiries, status of their application and updates. We will not share your data with any other party.

We will request your consent and you may withdraw it at any time by notifying us in writing and you have a right to complain about our use of your information if you think your rights have been infringed by TMK Attorneys Inc in processing your personal information. You may also direct your complaint to the Information Regulators Office if we do not respond to your complaint.

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